The Poke Sushi Bowl Franchise: Most Feasty Business Opportunity Right Now

Food business is one of the most lucrative business opportunities since forever. Food lovers are always looking for new dishes and restaurants to try sumptuous dishes and relish their taste buds. A food business is an all-weather business that’s why investors are always up for it.

If you are passionate about cooking and have an entrepreneurial bent of mind, then the Poke Sushi Bowl Franchise is just for you. Owning a Poké restaurant is not only an exciting experience but also profitable. With Poke Sushi Bowl Franchise, you can talk of the town.

You just have to maintain food quality, customer service, and marketing. A franchise restaurant mitigates the risk involved with building a food business from scratch. You get to enjoy plenty of benefits with opening a franchise. Let’s find out!

Why invest in a Franchise Restaurant?

Investing money in a business is no easy task, especially if it’s a completely new idea. You have to choose something that has immense potential and can generate a significant ROI. This is where franchise restaurants get an edge over completely new businesses.

Unlike other investments, purchasing a franchise restaurant solves half your problems. Like people already know about the brand, you don’t have to worry about the menu, franchise helps you in marketing, and more such issues. It allows you to grow your investment multifold quickly. One of the major expenses of building a good business is branding.

You have to spend a higher portion of your money on marketing and advertising. On top of that, you have to acquire customers’ trust and build your brand. All of this takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Whereas with a franchise restaurant, you just have to invest and manage the business well.

Begin with a growing franchise restaurant with massive growth potential, and half your risk is already mitigated as an investor. Join a small but growing chain with exponential growth prospects.

The economy is showing positive signs all around, and food lovers are leaving their homes to eat at restaurants and food joints. We all crave the old days, where we could go out and enjoy new food items fresh out of the kitchen. This is why restaurants are going to be one of the high-growth businesses in the near future.

Another major reason for investing in a franchise restaurant is its scalability. Once you start getting good returns with one franchise, you can open another and expand in different locations. There is no stopping you. Experts advise buying a franchise when it is growing phase and less popular; it will be less expensive. Popular franchises are expensive and have less scope of growth.

Why choose a Poke sushi bowl for investment and Our Business Plan?

Poke Sushi Bowl is a rapidly growing chain of Hawaii-inspired Japanese food restaurants in the metropolitans of Virginia. We are one of the go-to food restaurants in the region for poke recipes.

Poke Sushi Bowl prepares delicious Hawaiian poke bowls using unique and innovative “non-oil” cooking procedures with specially filtered water. Not only are our recipes a rich source of protein but also very high in Omega 3s. We aim to serve enjoyable healthy, yet irresistible food. Our sushi is finished with some of the finest and carefully picked gluten-free sauces. We only use natural ingredients, no artificial items.

Your benefits:

● Low Franchise Fee thus providing an affordable and easy entry point for a prospective franchisee.
● The emerging-market opportunity will give greater support from the Ownership/Executive Team during the training period and beyond.
● At the forefront of a strong movement in the fast-casual sector.
● We treat each customer as a part of our family including the ingredients we use in our dishes.
● We make our own sauce using higher organic and gluten-free ingredients for a tastier and healthier creation.
● Flexible Menu for our future Franchisees where they can add other items which might help their business growth.

Proper Training & Support: We understand the needs of our franchise partners and handhold them to ensure the success of their franchise. You get comprehensive training and guidance from us.

We share each and every business operation detail for smooth operations. This helps you get ahead of the poke sushi business curve.

Here are some numbers for you:

● Average Time Spent Per Customer: 3 Minutes
● Average number of customers per day: 150
● Average Sale to Each Customer: 15.00
● Average Gross Profit Per Customer for Services: 70%
● Average Net Profit: 20% to 25%

Franchise Requirements

● Entrepreneurship
● Dedicated $119,832 Liquid
● Capital Cash
● Business Management/ Ownership

Ongoing Cost

● Royalty – 3% of Gross Sale
● Local Advertising – 1% of Gross Sale

Step by Step Poke Sushi Restaurant Business Plan

Before Becoming Franchise

  1. Complete Profile Form
  2. Attend Webinar
  3. Review FDD
  4. Face to Face Meeting
  5. Interview with CEO
  6. Sign the FDD

After Becoming Franchise

  1. Location
  2. Training
  3. Hiring Staff
  4. Marketing
  5. Now Open

Take the first step! Start Your Healthy-Wealthy Business!

Contact us today for all your enquiries!

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