Top 5 Signature Bowls Recipes

Poke Bowl recipes are gaining massive popularity each passing day. More and more people particularly, health-conscious foodies are craving for this irresistible and sumptuous meal. Despite being a Japanese dish, it is more loved in all parts of the world including our country. Poke Bowls are more than just another trendy “healthy” dish. They come in a variety, and all of these taste just perfect.

We bring to you some signature bowl recipes, with expert tips that will make them more delicious. Fresh Fish, Non-oily cooking and a handsome amount of nutrition; will make you fall in love with the Poke Bowl even if you’ve had experiences in the past. (See why Poke Bowl is considered nutritional)

5 signature bowls of poke sushi bowl and its key ingredients are:

● Classic Tuna – Classic Tuna (GF), Ahi Tuna, Sweet Onion, Hijiki, Edamame, Sesame Seeds, Green Onion, Classic Shoyu Sauce
● Sushi Bowl – Salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Avocado, Seaweed Strip, Green Onion, Wasabi and Soy Sauce on the side
● Hawaii Bowl – (GF)Shrimp, Tuna, Mango, Pineapple, Macadamia Nuts, Coconut Cream
● Volcano bowl – Volcano Bowl requires Seared Tuna & Yellow Tail, Jalapeño, Massago, Cucumber, Hijiki, Tempura Crisp, Spicy Mayo
● Tofu Bowl – Tofu Bowl or you can also make chicken bowl. It would require pring Mix, Mango, Quinoa, Sweet Onion, Edamame, Hijiki, Cucumber, Green Onion, Sesame Shoyu, Mango

While the basic ingredients are pretty much the same, there are different flavors. And that’s the beauty of it; you can always surprise your taste buds by changing one or two ingredients. No need for any expertise; just some patience and good choice of fish, chicken, tuna, or tofu as well and your perfect sushi bowl is ready. But what makes a Poke Bowl so freakin’ irresistible?

What goes into making a Poke Bowl?

● Sushi rice – Cook the rice, normally in a pan and then gently mixed with some sweet and salty vinegar mixture. Stir it well and let it cool to absorb the flavour.
● Dressing/marination – Marinate your choice of fish or salmon or tofu by tossing it for a minute.
● Sashimi fish – Or any fish or salmon that can be eaten raw, and dice it up how you like!
● Vegetables – Shred your choice of veggies into bite-size pieces, you can even use pickled ones.
● Drizzle the remaining Dressing over those bowls and voila you are ready to serve immediately!

We keep reading everywhere about how instant and easy these Poke Bowls are to prepare. A little bit of patience, some veggies and fish is all you need to make a tasty poke bowl. It is ready within 30 to 45 mins. Let’s find out how!

The Dressing – One of the main flavours in Poke Bowls are added by the dressing or garnishing of the dish. We often don’t work hard enough to achieve the perfect dressing. But this is what’s gonna make your bowl more inviting! You can always add some gingery, sesame-y flavors to make it more interesting!

Flavouring the fish – The raw fish can be cut in slices, big cubicle forms, or even in tartare style (finely chopped) and then drizzled with some garnishing or dressing. This makes the flavors go through the rice and makes the bowl tastier.

Rightly Cooked Sushi Rice – Plain white rice sounds boring! Chefs across the world use seasoned sushi rice to give it a distinct flavour like fennel, or mace. But guess what? It is tasty enough to eat plain and simple. Period. To give a slightly western touch to this Japanese standard, you can use a stove and a pan rather than the traditional rice cooker and wooden sushi rice bowl like in Japan and easter countries.

Layering – First goes the base, then your choice of protein (Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Tofu, Yellow Tail), The Dressing, Veggies and finally some garnishing, and your perfect bowl of poke sushi is ready!

Pro tip: Toss fish into Dressing but do not leave it to marinate because it will make fish perhaps a little too salty. You can alternate the mixture if you like. The idea is to give your perfect taste. it might come after a little bit of experiment until you find your aha dish!

Honestly, there are no such rules about the use of vegetables or any other element for that matter. You can use almost any type of fish, or veggies as long as you like it, just keep in mind to balance the taste.

But if you don’t want to put much effort and still want to enjoy a healthy bowl of poke sushi, just visit any of our outlets and order yourself! We bring to you a variety of irresistible and protein rich bowls.

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