What’s in a Poke Bowl Trend: A Nutritionist Explains

The term ‘Poke Bowl’ is doing rounds on social media. Chances are, you too might have heard this name recently and now curious to know more. If that’s the case, today, we will help you understand what’s this Poke Bowl trend in the words of a nutritionist.

But first, let’s understand what is a Poke Bowl?

What is a Poke Bowl?

Poke Bowl, pronounced as “POH-keh” is a Hawaiian term, which means ‘to cut or to slice’. Poke Bowl is a popular customizable dish, full of vital nutrients such as Omega 3 and Protein. Its popularity is rising across the world as the term has gone viral on social media. It has slices of freshly & raw marinated fish, mostly tuna, which is nicely tossed over rice and often topped with green vegetables and delicious sauces. You can call it the next generation of Sushi. Extremely easy to eat, it can be customized according to your liking. Since it is highly nutritious, it is also considered a complete meal in itself.

Why is it trending? Nutritionists explain these are the 5 key reasons for the popularity of this dish:

Full of Vital Nutritions

Poke is probably the tastiest, healthiest, and juiciest food trend to try around today. It is highly rich in protein and other nutrients like omega 3, which means with only one wholesome meal, you can get all the nutrients. The good part is that it is also low in calories. Unlike Sushi, this dish is often served with a whole host of mixed veggies and marinades. You can add more ingredients if you like.

Healthy for your Heart

As stated above, it is high on omega-3 fatty acids, which is considered to be the best friend of your heart. Omega-3s not only helps protect the heart but also reduces the risk of heart diseases significantly. It helps lower the blood pressure and heart rate and thus improving overall cardiovascular factors. Intake of fish lowers the risk of strokes, depression, and other mental health issues. By consuming poke on a regular basis, you can stay healthy and fit.

Light on the Pocket

The best part of this dish is that it is very light on your pocket. It is significantly less expensive than sushi. So you can have a lower food bill and yet be fully satisfied with your poke bowl, full of fish and veggies.

Easy to Prepare

It doesn’t take very long to prepare a poke bowl. Poke is an all-weather dish be it winters or summers.

It requires less effort and minimal time investment. It doesn’t take a lot of things to prepare this delicious dish. You just need some freshly sliced fish and veggies. Mix it with your favorite spices, and HOHO: your meal is ready.

Experience the worldwide Delicacies at Your Home

And since you can combine it with different spices, many versions of this dish are available. You can add various seasoning and taste to this dish of your liking. It comes with different styles and tastes, primarily from Hawaii, China, Korea, Japan, China, and India. Guess what! You can try them all without even having to step out of your kitchen.

Is It healthy? Can it help you lose weight?

Food experts and nutritionists find Poke to be a very healthy dish since it contains a good amount of tuna and salmon. Both of the fishes have high protein and good quality fats. Poke Bowls are easily customizable, so it gives you more control to include what you find healthier and fresh for your favorite meal.

If you are also thinking of getting a taste of this highly nutritious and unique dish, check out Poke Shushi Bowl, a Hawaii Inspired restaurant in Charlotteville, VA! Come check out our delicious homemade recipes!

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